Episode Guide

Thrown into another dimension, a family must keep ahead of a tyrannical state’s hunters while searching for a way home.

Broadcast history
CBS at Saturday 10:00 PM (60 min.)
Premiered: January 26, 1985    Last Aired: March 16, 1985


1. Rules of Attraction  
Air Date: 1/26/1985    Production Code: 83505

Now fugitives in another dimension, the Sterlings try to settle into their new home; but they soon find out all of the townspeople are androids. Trace, not knowing everyone is an android, falls in love with a young girl android named Nova. Nova must help the Sterlings escape into the Forbidden Zone before the Zone Troopers capture them. She also must decide whether to escape with the Sterlings, leaving her family behind, or let the one she loves go on without her.

Writer: Roderick Taylor
Director: William A. Graham
Guest star: Gokul (Ahmed), James Costy (Professor Kroyd), Conrad Bachmann (Litten), Michael Rider (Officer), Michael Sharrett (Stock Clerk), Frank Birney (Mr. Milton), Gary Pagett (Monitor), Barbara Beckley (Mrs. Mob), Anita Jesse (Miss Wanda), Dan Lewk (Fabrique), Janet Rasak (Woman), Robert Vinson (Student), Zachary Baker (Bo), Ray Walston (Gad-Ben Sirrah (photo only)), Peter Bromilow (Praetor), Wayne Alexander (Lieutenant), Rodger LaRue (Corporal), Brandon Crane (Smith Sterling)

2. The Zone Troopers Build Men
Air Date: 2/2/1985    Production Code: 59403

The Sterlings settle into a new agricultural town called Tarka. For their safety they use the crystal they stole from Commander Kroll to change their names to the Hardins. After Trace’s grades drop in school, he gets a yellow slip – meaning he is drafted into the Zone Troopers. Trace learns that being a Zone Trooper is for life unless he becomes an officer.

Writer: Coleman Luck
Director: Richard Compton
Guest star: Mark Lenard (Commander Peril Sightings), Dominick Brascia (Hobert Racks), Robert O’Reilly (Drill Instructor), Kevin Scott Allen (Brindle), Bryan McGuire (Sergeant), Nadine van der Velde (Girl), Michael McGrady (Zone Trooper), Robert L. Gibson (Teacher), Greg Elliot (Weldon Christopher), Kay Tornborg (Map Instructor), Bill Covert (Reginald Brax), Dale Butcher (Instructor), Brian Thompson (D.I. #2), Steven Whiteford (Flight Instructor), Wayne Alexander (Aid)

3. Paradise Lost
Air Date: 2/9/1985    Production Code: 59402

After the Sterlings are shipwrecked on an island, they find a paradise resort. What nobody knows is that the resort is a cover for using its guests to make a youth sustaining liquid called Koloma. But, June and the kids must save Hal, when Scarla, the director of the resort, tries to seduce him and use him in the liquid making process.

Writer: Josef Anderson
Director: Thomas J. Wright
Guest star: Barbara Stock (Scarla Ray), Ian Abercrombie (Mr. Miro), Hal England (Max Osa), Arnold Turner (Gibby), Chad Hayes (Bingo), John Gowans (Technician #1), Walter Cox (Technician #2), Cindy Eilbacher (Bunny)

4. Rock and Roll Suicide
Community Score
6.0 Fair     2
Air Date: 2/16/1985    Production Code: 59405

Now living in Centrex City, Trace and Gina participate in a talent contest at school where they play a “new” form of music called Rock and Roll. They are seen by an agent scouting new talent who then makes them famous. The religious organization called the C.A.I. (Church of Artificial Intelligence) sees them as rebelious icons and fights to quiet them by contacting Praetor for help. Praetor, not wanting to be bothered by something so insignificant, sends Kroll.

Writer: Roderick Taylor, Bruce A. Taylor
Director: Roderick Taylor
Guest star: Michael Callan (Billy Sunshine), Warren Munson (Dr. Scorpus Klaxon), Sarah Buxton (Zeta), Jerry Levine (Unknown [no name given]), Michael Ensign (Baxter Dromo), Joyce Little (Host), Todd Hollowell (Student #1), Janet Rasak (Woman Zone Trooper), Susan Isaacs (Student #2), Robert Redding (Salesman), Walter Klenhard (Engineer), Joel S. Rice (Musician), Maureen LaVette (Receptionist), Peter Bromilow (Praetor)

5. Village of the Motorpigs
Air Date: 2/23/1985    Production Code: 59401

While wandering in the Seplicer Mountains deep in the Forbidden Zone, the Sterlings are captured by a wild group called the Motorpigs. Hal must challenge the leader to a motor duel in order to escape.

Writer: Roderick Taylor, Bruce A. Taylor
Director: Paul Michael Glaser
Guest star: Vincent Schiavelli (Pango), Jeff East (Rev), Charles Lane (Mr. Velcrows Widley), Marjoe Gortner (Chalktrauma), Michael Rider (Officer), Don Gibb (Motoface), Jerry Potter (Motorpig), Estee Chandler (Motech Girl), Michael John Meyer (Trooper #2), Cynthia Steele (Woman), David Katims (Pigseye), Tiny Wells (Grunt), Jeremy Lawrence (Man #1), Martin Clark (Man #2), Peter Bromilow (Praetor), Wayne Alexander (Lieutenant), Rodger LaRue (Corporal), Brandon Crane (Smith Sterling)

6. I Am Woman, Hear Me Roar
Air Date: 3/2/1985    Production Code: 59411

other characters: Randy When the Sterlings arrive in a town called Ador, they find a society where the women are dominant and the men are treated as second class.

Writer: Bruce A. Taylor, Coleman Luck
Director: Thomas J. Wright
Guest star: Elaine Giftos (Belisama Blush), Dennis Howard (Sam Askew), Susan Powell (Gretchen Askew), Beverly Todd (Auctioneer), Earl Boen (Host), Earl Boen (Counselor), Kellye Nakahara (G.P. Desk Sergeant), Barbara Townsend (Video Teacher), Toni Nero (Racquel), Ivy Bethune (Obnoxious Woman), Dallas Cole (Kaptain), Andrea Aal (Officer), Raymond Lynch (Male Shopper), Jill Whitlow (Girl #1), Tina Blum (Patrol Officer), Rosemarie Thomas (Girl #2), Pamela Bach (Woman), Peter MacPhereson (Ollie), Merritt Yohnka (Ahjay), Faye Marie Baker (Fitness Counselor #1), Rea Simon (Photographer), Denise Gallup (Muscular Girl #1), Dian Gallup (Muscular Girl #2), Melissa Lambert (Voice From Croud), Christina Schwimer (Another Voice), Wayne Alexander (Lieutenant)

7. Mansion of the Beast
Air Date: 3/9/1985    Production Code: 59409

While traveling through the dead forest of Animula, the Sterlings encounter a half man-half beast, named Virago, with incredible powers. Virago takes June to be his companion. Assisted by another forest resident named Akin, Hal and the kids try to rescue her.

Writer: Roderick Taylor, Coleman Luck
Director: Corey Allen
Guest star: Alan Feinstein (Virago), John Astin (Akin)

8. Princess Metra
Air Date: 3/16/1985    Production Code: 59406

Thell After arriving at a province called Metraplex, Gina is mistaken for a returning historical figure called Princess Metra. Seeing that groups of people called Microworkers are used as slave labor by the Macrolites, Gina takes advantage of her status by changing the laws to bing about change; and ultimately gets help from a group of rebelling Microworkers. However, the current leader, called the Prime Manager, does not give up her power willingly.

Writer: Douglas Lloyd McIntosh
Director: Peter Medak
Guest star: Carolyn Seymour (Prime Manager), Hunt Block (Cort?), Byron Morrow (Cabinet Secretary Magnon?), Joan Foley (Britina), Drake Hogestyn (Captain Valdor), Kristi Somers (Princess Metra / Kelly Bradford), Douglas Alan Shanklin (First Technician), Ellen Crawford (Head Supervisor), Charles Walker (Lieutenant), Robin Klein (First Girl), Will Nye (Man #2), Larry Cedar (Man #1), Tom Harrison (Sector Chief), Ted Richards (Officer #1), David Lloyd Nelson (Peace Guard), GiGi Vogan (Girl #2), Philip Simone (Zal), Marneen Fields (Woman Microworker), Alex Daniels (Officer #2), Nora Masterson (First Servant), Daniel McVicar (First Guard), Mark Burke (Lieutenant), Christopher Walker (Small Boy), Kathy Spitz (Girl #1

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