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First off, the TV show Otherworld is not a figment of your imagination. You are not crazy. The show really did exist!  Otherworld was a extremely short lived television series that aired back in 1985 on CBS.  It lasted only one season and there were only 8 episodes that were ever aired on television.  The show was about a family who went on a vacation to Egypt and become lost inside the labyrinths. After finding their way out, they find that they are in a parallel universe an a planet called “Thel”. This parallel Earth was comprised of many different provinces, each with its own way of life. They roamed from society to society looking for the capital city of Imar. The Signpost Astrologers of Otherworld were to be found there and had the ability to return them to our dimension.

On my website you will find pictures, sounds, videos, and info on  this obscure show from the 80′s.  While you’re here be sure to visit our forum and join in on the discussion about this short lived 80′s TV show. Enjoy!







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